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From the Scottish Highlands to Yellowstone's splendor, from the Hawaiian tropics to the American Southwest, Susan Newark's decade of travel, presented in a series of thematically-related stories, highlights everything from the Nazi invasion of WWII Denmark to the vanished Sinagua Indian culture of ancient Arizona.


In a perpetual search for home, Newark seeks emotional solace and physical healing through escapes into wilderness and pilgrimages to the countries of her roots, consequently finding peace in encounters with both wildlife and humanity.

Included in the fourteen chapters are hiking and adventure stories from the American southwest deserts and red rock territories, encounters with wildlife such as pronghorn, bald eagles, bison, and ravens, discovery of the real Hawaii, and explorations into Newark's root countries, the UK, Canada, and Denmark. Yellowstone is a featured location in several chapters.

Solid research combines with first-person adventures to form smooth narratives that will appeal to globe-trekkers, armchair travelers, hikers, and environmentalists.


For Kindle ebook, use this link: : the return of the viking susan newark

The Return of the Viking

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