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Volume one follows Susan Newark from ages twenty-one to twenty-five as she struggles to become a writer amidst the financial poverty and emotional starvation of an unsatisfactory relationship, navigating from self-preserving delusion to risk-taking honesty.


Inherent within the journal entries, the reader will also find commentary on the music business and record collecting that Susan engaged in to boost her spirits and keep her going financially during hard times.


In addition, the Appendices contain samplings of Susan’s juvenile writings, college essays upon which she based later memoirs, and—as a fun treat—the complete original manuscript written for the Silhouette Desire series in 1982-1983. Entitled Prisoner of Passion, this explicit sexy romance was Susan’s first major effort, embodying everything that was missing in her real life during the era covered in these journals (535 Pages).


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The Complete Journals Volume One: 1978-1983

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