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Sparks fly as sports center manager Stephanie meets rookie pro bowler Kurt. They are irresistibly drawn together, falling in love hard and fast. Their encounters are tastefully hot, their conversations humorously bantering. Stephanie is outgoing; Kurt is shy but sexy as hell. Their romance plays out against the exciting PBA Tour, drawing the lovers into their new life as they simultaneously struggle to overcome a tragedy in Kurt’s past.

Tired of formulas? The new Alpha Female Romance Series offers delicious fun throughout. The chemistry is irresistible, the conversation is intelligent, the erotica is tasteful, and the realism is plausible.


For Kindle ebook, use this link: : scorpio love susan newark

Scorpio Love

SKU: 103
  • This is a softcover book. For ebooks, use the Kindle link at the bottom of product description.

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