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This book offers a neurodivergent view of autism. Instead of focusing on how to make Autistics behave neurotypically, Newark proposes an alternate approach and uses her own experience with two high-functioning males to encourage a new way of understanding those who are on the spectrum—by delving into what is going on in ASD brains from their point of view.

Newark outlines the issues she’s faced in being a neurotypical married to someone on the spectrum and how her marriage improved vastly after the later-life discovery of her husband Russ’s autism. Meanwhile, the eloquent prose of Newark’s son Neal adds entertainingly to the text as he details what it’s like to be inside the HFA mind.

Also included is a new look at related conditions such as OCD, ADHD, anxiety, and Tourette Syndrome, and although the book deals mostly with high-functioning individuals, many of its discussions may also be relevant to those further down the spectrum. Finally, Newark suggests new angles for future scientific research based on what she’s learned through seeing the world from a neurodivergent point of view.

Adventures in Autism: Empathy & the HFA Mind

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