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Paperback The Phosphorescence of Pearl Memoir 1960s / 1970s Coming of Age Hippie Culture Print Edition

Paperback The Phosphorescence of Pearl Memoir 1960s / 1970s Coming of Age Hippie Culture Print Edition

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In this autobiography focusing on Newark's experiences in the 1960s/1970s, the author entwines her amusing stories of youth and young adulthood with the influence of her mother, a courageous woman whose optimism in the face of personal tragedy becomes an eternal inspiration. An enjoyable coming-of-age story you won't want to miss!
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Table of Contents
Prologue: Grains of Sand                                           
Part One: Oysters

Immaculate Conceptions                                          

Green Poofies and Entrepreneurs                           
Animal Magnetism                                                   
Route 66                                                                  
Ports O’ Call                                                             
The Year of the Frog                                                
Part Two: Currents

Cultivating Calvin                                                     

His Place                                                                  
Everything I Never Wanted to Know About Sex     
Orange Sunshine and Unconditional Love             
Searching for a Cause                                            
The Virgin Tomato                                                   
The Coronet                                                            
Lennon the Lezzie                                                    
Blowing the High                                                     
Sacramental Sunsets                                              

Part Three: Abrasions

Dinky’s Drive-In and the White Witch                      

Trout with Tabasco Sauce                                        
Guitars,Diapers, and Auntie Sam                            
High Stakes                                                             
The Gates of Hades                                               
Abyss Navigation101                                              

Part Four: Pearls

Gidget Goes Rebellious                                          

Chimney Swans and Scorpions                              
The Hardy Girls                                                       

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